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Product details

  •  X-Y table is part and parcel of any BGA rework station. It can be a separate part as it is in Re-7500 and Re-8500 or the machine can be equipped with it as in the case of Jetronix-eco.

    Any ways there is no BGA rework station without an X-Y table.

    The reason behind its importance is in its simple function; X-Y Table is precise fine adjustment PCB frame that used as a free-standing X-Y precision positioning stage. It also has an slider in which it move to the desired width of your PCB board

    Thus, X-Y Table enables efficient reworking of electronic PCB board; it supports and holds different sizes of PCB board during the rework process.

    All Jovy X-Y table; both the separate and build-in ones are precise and smooth-running,

    made of advanced material with high thermal dissipation to keep the user safe from any thermal effects during the reworking process. Easy in use fixture in dynamic design.

    X-Y Table adjustment range or Max PCB Board Size:

    RE-7500: 300mm x 300mm Re-8500: 500mm x450mm Jetronix-eco: 290mm x 315mm

    The add-ons which could be used with the X-Y table:

    *Large PCB board holder

    *Small PCB board holder

    *Led Light.

    Installation XY table with RE8500 & RE7500:

    1 un-pack the XY table components from the cartoon

    2 Insert the main two rail bars to the X and Y holder sliding block.

    3 Connect the bars with the left and right fixtures.

    4 Install the four legs to the fixture.

    5 Insert the limit control rod as a final step.