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BGA Rework Stations Challenges are increasing day by day – with no expectations – in rework and repair field. Jovy Systems® is committed to provide a value added solutions which meet the requirements of present toughest applications.
Whatever the PCB size, type or design the process of rework and repair becomes jovial with the most durable, BGA Rework,efficient and economic rework stations in two types:

  • RE-7500, for small and medium size PCB size (from 60mmX60mm to 200mmX200mm or any dimensions matrix).
  • RE-8500, for any size of PCB up to 500mm x450mm or any dimension matrix.
  • Jetronix-Eco, for any size PCB up to 290 mm*315 mm

BGA Rework RE-7500

BGA Rework RE-8500
BGA Rework Jetronix-Eco