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product detail

Bga Rework station Re-7550 is the enhanced version of Re-7500

Re-7550 Comes with a bunch of advanced features tailored especially for satisfying your needs.

The new features improve the machine’s responsiveness and make it a perfect fit for the repair market challenges.

RE-7550 BGA Rework Station advanced features:

* Control the heaters with setting a percentage from total heater power. Not only preset 2 or 3 levels, for better heat distriubtion.
* Increase the lower heater power to 800 watt and speed heating ramp up heater type, accelerate the preheating time.
* PID Automatic control that provides Close loop heating
* Machine firmware upgradable by the USB 2.0 connection, for continues update and services.
* Two modes of operation “Automatic profile &Manual”.
* Superior USB Stability with high speed connection and new designed PC Suite software .
* New Multilingual software compatible with more languages to upload.
* New Interactive and user friendly Interface
* Complete control for peripherals from user interface as follow:
        Safety temperature set point.
        Show the thermocouple reading while profile running.
        Create, Edit and Erase profiles.
        Set time on peak temperature for Lead free soldering requirements.
        Machine memory allows save up to 50 profiles.
        Accurate temperature reading with No Calibration
        Process & profile analyzer for complete process study and control.

RE-7500 to RE-7550 Technical comparison





Total Power



Max PCB Size



Component Size



Bottom Preheater

IR 600W

IR 800W


Top IR 300W

Top IR 300W

Number of profiles to be saved in machine memory



Upper heater operating mode

2 modes with different two power Levels, Re-flow with 75% and Fast Reflow with 90% of heater’s power level.

Power percentage from 0% to 100% for more option for the user. More heating control

Lower heater operating mode

3 modes with different three power levels. Preheat with 65%, Re-flow with 75% and Fast Re-flow with 90% of heater’s power level.

Power percentage from 0% to 100% for more option for the user. More heating control

Machine peripheral control

Full control of peripherals through control Room software.

Full control from both machine interface and PC suite software.