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Product details

  • What is Solder past?

Solder paste is essentially powdered metalsolder.

This powdered is a homogeneous mixture of solder spheres and a specialized form of flux This means that the solder shapes a form of paste that can be printed onto the surface of the printed circuit card. When heated, solder paste melts and flows into the spaces between close fitting parts, creates soldered joints.


The paste is a gray, putty-like material. 


  • What is the function of Solder paste?

Solder paste is commonly used in a screen-printing process where the paste is applied over a stainless steel mask (stencil) to create the desired outline on a printed circuit board. The paste is usually applied to the lands by using a pattern to 'print' the paste.

It holds together modern consumer electronics; connecting the leads of surface mount integrated IC Package to lands in the circuit patterns on PCB and providing electrical and thermal connections in the process.

Highly recommended in Mobiles applications.

  • Features of Jovy solder paste

  • Specifications:

Jovy solder paste is no clean paste, therefore it doesn’t require removal due to its non corrosive residues and that’s why it has excellent wetting property.

Jovy solder paste is lead free with Low melting point solder paste; the solder joint strength and the melting point of this alloy Sn-Bi-Ag makes it suitable for use in temperature sensitive applications.

Jovy Solder Paste has sufficient tackiness, designed to have proper tacking force and time for an application, simply it can stay tacky on stencil the required amount of time till the components being held in position after printing without affecting the stencil printing properties.

It is required to solder paste viscosity at the low level when printing. So that the stencil is easier to fall the paste and demold. After demolding, in order to ensure that the solder paste does not collapse, it needs a higher viscosity, so it should add thixotropic agent. The thixotropic agent can make the the viscosity of the solder paste at a sharp decline during exercise. When stopping motion, the viscosity will soon recover. So that it can achieve good printability.

Jovy solder paste has superb resolution for continuous printing; this resolution reduces the welding bridges incidence down to zero.

Welding bridges is the solder that bridges across two conductors that should not be electrically connected, causing an electrical circuit short.

Jovy solder paste achieves the high reliability due to its high insulation resistance and non-ionic activator systems. Moreover it leaves bright and shiny solder joints with outstanding conductivity




Unite of measure



Mix ingredients

Sn64 Bi35Ag1


JIS Z 3282 (1999)


Melting Point




Solder powder

Particle diameter








Annex 1 to JIS Z 3284 (1994)


Level Type



JCSE 319 (1999)


CI & Br Content



JIS Z 3284 (1994)


Resistivity test of water solution



JIS Z 3197


Flux Content

12 ± 1


JIS Z 3284


Viscosity (25 °C, 10 rpm)



Malcom viscometer PCU-2


Insulation resistance ( initial)



JIS Z 3197( 1997)

Solder paste

Insulation resistance (deliquescence)

>5.1x 1012


JIS Z 3197( 1997)





JIS Z 3197 (1997)


Shelf time (0-10°C





  • Properties:


State :


Color :

Sliver grey

Odor :


Density@ 20°C:

>4.5 -5.0 g/cm³

Flash Point :


Miscibility with water :

Not miscible/difficult to mix


  • Quality guarantee period:

The solder paste must be within its "use by" date.

The quality guarantee period shall be 180 days after manufacture if it is stored in sealed container at temperature 0~10°C.

It should never be stored at normal room temperature. Otherwise it will only be valid for 7 days.

Exposure of the solder particles, in their raw powder form, to air causes them to oxidize, meaning shorten its shelf life so exposure should be minimized.