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Direct heating stencils Visual User Guide

Product details

Jovy Direct heating stencils Classification:

Stencils are one of the proper and essential tools that are highly recommended and required when reworking and reballing an application. They have different types and also have different techniques when using them.

Jovy Systems will offer you both different techniques to choose freely what suits you best; Non Direct heating stencils or Direct heating stencils.

Both methods can guarantee excellent results ,the main difference between them is that Direct heating stencil can be heated directly and won’t wrap so it can left in place during attachment of the balls unlike Non-Direct heating stencil that require the removal of the stencil after applying the solder and before heating the BGA.

Why Jovy systems Direct heating stencils?

The new collection of Direct Heating Stencils packages that Jovy Systems offer ensures several advantage points and unique features that affirm its add-on value:

-          Stainless Steel: Top quality of the stencils made of SUS304 Stainless steel

-          Life shelf: High durability, stencils can be used up to 100 times at 250°C.

-          Hole Shaping: Precise laser cutting and shaping

-          Packages: Large varieties of selections cover almost all of Repair applications.

Jovy Direct heating stencils Classification:

The new Direct Heating Stencil collection is classified into 4 main sets according to the field of application, and the classification is as follow:

1. Universal Set
It contains ; Jig, Allen Key and 546 Stencils that represent all 3 Sets that are offered by Jovy for different applications.

2. Laptop Set
It contains; Jig,Allen key and  349 stencils that are divided according to the solder ball size (0.25 mm – 0.76 mm) and also includes a standard stencils set.

3. Cell Phone Set
it Contains; Jig, Allen key and 151 stencils for IPhone (3G, 3Gs, 4G, 4Gs and 5), Qualcomm chips based mobile phones and Chinese mobile phones.

4. Gaming Consoles set
it contains; Jig, Allen key 66 stencils to cover gaming consoles such as PS4, PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Wii and a set of standard stencils.